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Welcome to Perfection Powder Coating and Fabrication

  • Building a deck?  Need railings?  We can fabricate the railings &  gates for you & powder coat them in any color you choose.  We have hundreds of colors to choose from.   
  • Restoring a vehicle?  We can powder coat the frame, rear-end, drums, member housing, spindles, hinges, plates, brackets, etc.  Make it look like new & one of a kind.!    We also can do ceramic coating for headers & mufflers where increased heat is an issue.
  • Need your motorcycle or bicycle customized?  We can do it for you.   Make it the best looking one on the road.  

Transform any item of metal in your home or business into something new & exciting.  

Same money on purchasing new items, just make the old ones look like new for a fraction of the cost.   We can powder coat anything metal. 

We have many colors to choose from & available from several powder companies.  Interior & exterior finishes are available, with UV protection.   

Our sand blasting booth, powder coating booth & oven are each 28 ft. long to accommodate your every need.  We also have smaller ovens for multiple small items.